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It’s finally here, the new Gundam TV series!!   Leave a comment

Most of the new season animes are already shown on TV in Japan, and the latest Gundam series: Iron-blooded Orphans was just shown today as well.

Good news for the Gundam fans living outside Japan though, as the series is available for viewing with subtitles on the official channel on YouTube!

鉄血のオルフェンズ Iron-blooded Orphans


For the fans who wish to watch without the subtitles, just choose the Indonesia, Malay, or Tagalog sub version and do not switch on the subtitles… XD

Otherwise, the Korean, Mandarin or English subs will do nicely.


In the event that you are not aware, there are plenty of Gundam series available for viewing on this page too, so do remember to check them out!

Personally, we enjoyed the first episode of this new series, and hope that we have a great story ahead… ^o^/


(*Although, the OP song could be easily mistaken for a Future Card Buddyfight song… wonder why… XD)


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