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It’s still hazy in most parts of Asia, and Singapore is not spared from the dust and poor visibility… Xp

Yesterday’s return post was a little short, so here is a further elaboration post on the latest Macross Delta news!



Please visit the above page for the latest news in Japanese.

One of the announcements include a new branding for the plastic models and toys line called “Macross Modelers”!

Besides that, we are looking forward to another update slated on October 29th,2015.

It will be a live stream this time, so there should be more juicy details… \(^o^)/

Oh, and the latest Ms. Macross audition winner should be present as well!!


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…and we are back!!   Leave a comment

Woah… that was a long break…

Yes, folks, the group got together for lunch over the weekend and talks are underway to bring this site back from the ashes.

We will also be linking to the various twitter and FB accounts to maximize exposure, so do give us a hand in spreading the posts once we are fully up and running again.

One of the main reasons of the return would be the upcoming new title just recently announced last Friday:

Macross Delta


Hope to hear from the visitors to this site in the comments section!! ^_^b

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Lotteria Tie-up with Macross Frontier again… Xp   Leave a comment

Was out looking for dinner and happened to pass by the nearest Lotteria for a look…

Surprised that the Macross Frontier campaign was on again.

3D clear files this time, with another mug cup campaign coming up later in the month:

More details on the Lotteria site:

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Gundam 7-11 Tie-up   Leave a comment

Had to happen sooner or later… now 7-11 in Japan wants a share of the otaku’s $$$… T_T

Just went to the nearby combini to pick up some snacks and sweets, so might as well get a set of these:

Didn’t know Char’s favourite flavour was strawberry though… XD

More Gundam goodies at 7-11 on their main site:



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Lawson’s September Catalog   Leave a comment

Oops, almost forgot to up the September catalog for Lawson…

Some more otaku offereings this month, including some pretty exclusive K-on related movie tickets again… Xp

Cover, looked pretty interesting this month.

The movie ticket promotions and new stuff for Suite Precure this month.

The past movies available on DVD, folks XD

The exclusive stuff for the movie tickets promotion… a toaster and blow-up balloon of Yui?!

Ouran live action drama goods!!

Fujiko museum advertisement and a whole list of goods again.

Eva page this month. Watches look great!… price don’t… Xp

The Dragon Quest looks cute, especially the slime XD

More Im@s stuff for the fans out there.

Rest of the games up for order this month.

K-on stuff worth looking at, and a Kamen Rider belt thrown in for good measure.


A feature on the pure Eva pamphlet in a later post. More goods after that… maybe?

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Evangelion Ice-cream   Leave a comment

Since we are on the topic of Lawsons, here was the ice-cream I bought from the combini just now:

Before it was Eva Ice, I think this type of ice-cream was called Pino or something…

Love the mini Longinus Spear(pick?) that comes with the ice-cream.

There are 7 types of wrappers… only found 4 in this box, I guess…

Oh, and these were from the previous promotion, where you get 1 mobile phone strap for every 2 listed items purchased.

Smarter folks would have just spammed the 105 yen sweets to save money… XD

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Lawson’s X’mas Cake Promotions!!   Leave a comment

Was just picking up some snacks at the local combini: Lawsons and the staff slipped this into my plastic bag↓↓↓↓↓↓ Xp

Ah, cakes and ice-cream! Perfect for a X’mas party! XD


I have my doubts about this one, especially since it comes with a figure stand for your new 17 cm stainless steel progressive knife!! Xp

I may just be crazy enough to take a photo of the knife sticking out of the Angel Core cake… Stay tuned, folks!! XD

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