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[Spoiler Alert] Kamen Rider Ghost Toy Reviews   Leave a comment

A new Kamen Rider series will be hitting Japan’s Tv stations tomorrow morning: Kamen Rider Ghost!!

Strangely enough, some of the toys have already hit the shelves in Japan, and one of our favourite toy reviewers (Wotafa / ヲタファ) have already covered a few of them.

You can check out the previews to the toys before the first episode is on air here, but be warned that it does give away some information before the actual show, so proceed at your own discretion…

Wotafa does a lot of great reviews, so do comment or support his channel if you find the videos useful! ^_^b


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Lotteria Tie-up with Macross Frontier again… Xp   Leave a comment

Was out looking for dinner and happened to pass by the nearest Lotteria for a look…

Surprised that the Macross Frontier campaign was on again.

3D clear files this time, with another mug cup campaign coming up later in the month:

More details on the Lotteria site:

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Gundam 7-11 Tie-up   Leave a comment

Had to happen sooner or later… now 7-11 in Japan wants a share of the otaku’s $$$… T_T

Just went to the nearby combini to pick up some snacks and sweets, so might as well get a set of these:

Didn’t know Char’s favourite flavour was strawberry though… XD

More Gundam goodies at 7-11 on their main site:



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Lawson’s September Catalog   Leave a comment

Oops, almost forgot to up the September catalog for Lawson…

Some more otaku offereings this month, including some pretty exclusive K-on related movie tickets again… Xp

Cover, looked pretty interesting this month.

The movie ticket promotions and new stuff for Suite Precure this month.

The past movies available on DVD, folks XD

The exclusive stuff for the movie tickets promotion… a toaster and blow-up balloon of Yui?!

Ouran live action drama goods!!

Fujiko museum advertisement and a whole list of goods again.

Eva page this month. Watches look great!… price don’t… Xp

The Dragon Quest looks cute, especially the slime XD

More Im@s stuff for the fans out there.

Rest of the games up for order this month.

K-on stuff worth looking at, and a Kamen Rider belt thrown in for good measure.


A feature on the pure Eva pamphlet in a later post. More goods after that… maybe?

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Strong Zero Commercial   Leave a comment

Really wanted to highlight this commercial on an alchoholic beverage since I saw it on Japan TV some time back.

Just found the link on youtube, so go ahead and enjoy!

I know I got a good laugh out of it XD

And the short version:

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Latest stuff available in Lawson catalog(August 2011)   2 comments

Time for an update on Lawson, who has been dishing out otaku offerings like no other convenience store out there lately.

Wonder how many will be hit by this update…?

(Remember to click on the pics below for the full size view!! ^_^b)

A little something for the AKB48 fans who seem to have sprung up everywhere suddenly nowadays… XD

With the upcoming new movie, here are more Precure stuff… Xp

Latest movie from Ghibli, and the latest goods as well.

Update on EVA offerings. Most of the spectacle frames are already sold out by now, and the price of the watch is… whew X3

More game related, especially the Idolm@ster stuff… Xp

Some info on the upcoming games in the near future.

More game updates… Tales of Xillia sure is getting a lot of attention.

7-11 is pretty much taking pre-orders at the moment too.

Last but no least, some calendars for 2012 are already up for pre-orders. The K-on one look most interesting!

Oh, and I was talking to a staff at my neighbourhood Lawsons, and he mentioned that another K-on fair might be approaching again… there goes the wallet out the window again… XD

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Affordable(?) Soul Gem Keychains – Doujin Item   1 comment

Well, was looking around Akihabara again and found these… well, gems! XD

(Click on the pic above for the full photo)

Finally completed the full set of Soul Gems… but no Grief Seed T_T

Then spotted another doujin group doing almost the same thing, except no keychain parts and the gem portion was clear Xp

Please refer to the 2 items at the top of the pic, this group has so far only done 1 Grief Seed and Mami’s Soul Gem.

Hope that they will continue and I will form another set. In case some of you are wondering, the cost of these is only about 10% of the official items found in the previous post XD

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