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FF14 Commercial   Leave a comment

Hey, with a commercial like that, why wouldn’t you want to join in the fun of Final Fantasy 14? XD

Still, it’s still at least 6 months away till the PS3 release and to wait for SE to at least fix the ‘horse bird’ issues Xp


For those who have a nico nico account, here is the 60 second version:



Posted October 3, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests

大神伝 Commercial T_T   2 comments

Brought tears to my eyes when I first saw this commercial…

Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the way it was presented… definitely a good commercial in my book… ^_^b

Posted October 2, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests

K-on PSP Game!!   8 comments

Oh, It finally arrived yesterday… wish that some places could let you choose the time for deliveries, really strange that you can’t coz taking into consideration that most people will be out at work during early afternoon… XD

I was wondering why it was delivered in a box instead of a normal post envelope for a normal PSP game… then I found out the reason. The PSP dress-up stickers are BIG!

Posted October 2, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests

Xbox360 Final Fantasy 13 CM   4 comments

Saw this on TV, very funny commercial for a game that might not be so good on the 360  T_T

I’m more intrigued by the last frame where you see 「xxxx」… wonder what game is coming next to the 360 that has been released on other sets… Xp

Posted September 14, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests

Angel Beats! & Kud Wafter TD Sign Cards   Leave a comment

Well, here are the 3 sign cards for the AB & Kud Wafter Trial Decks:

I still find the 1/1 7000 cards a bit broken…

Also wonder what they are gonna do for the booster packs since these 3 signs are already here… Xp

Posted July 20, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests

魔法少女リリカルなのはA’s Trial Deck SP   1 comment

Well, here are the SP cards from Nanoha A’s Trial Deck. Only 2 this time and no sign cards…

Some were hoping for sign cards, but let’s face it, Nanoha is not a new series and most of the sign cards have been done. They might do it for the boosters but I’m not holding my breath really… Xp

Posted July 19, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests

Gundam Crisis in FujiQ Highlands   Leave a comment

Ooh, speaking of Gundams, was at Fujikyu Highlands for a day trip. Saw this Gundam Crisis Ride(or so we thought…) there and decided to try it. Not what we expected at all… The main objective is to collect the Magnet Coating parts for the RX78 so that it can go up against a original mech in this attraction. You are given a device(looks like a Star Trek Tri-corder…) to collect the parts at certain points in the hanger.

The search was quite tiring but the thought of being able to get into a 1/1 Gundam just next to us got us so excited… unfortunately, not 1 person in our group managed to get into the Gundam… >_<

Posted April 27, 2010 by moetsukiru in Game, Otaku Interests