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Nice Bars in Shinjuku(Tokyo)   Leave a comment

Since one of our members will be making a trip to Tokyo again this week, here is an introduction to 2 interesting spots in Shinjuku, the area in Tokyo which never sleeps. XD




Located in the Golden Gai(新宿ゴールデン街, “街” is Japanese for “streets”), this area boasts the most number of bars and pubs clumped together.

Why this place, you may ask.

It is a simple bar which seats about 8+ people comfortably, but the master knows his stuff, and can put together any drinks to suit your whim and tastes.

Also, this place has also been featured in many famous Japanese magazines such as “Men’s Ex”, “Otona no Shumatsu”, and even in the famous travel mook, “Shinjuku Walker”!


Alright, so the above establishment may not be up your alley if you are looking for more otaku-ish places.

In that case, how about:


Sub-culture Café and Bar, New Type Shinjuku


If you are into the sub-culture scene, this place will be perfect for you!

Besides the great food and drinks, which may have otaku origins, this place also holds events on certain days.

For example, the all night karaoke session from Friday night all the way to early Saturday morning,

or even the table-top game and Monster Hunter game sessions on Saturdays!

Kindly refer to the main page above for the latest updates regarding events.


The above 2 places can handle conversations in English(simple ones anyway…), so do not worry about communication problems and give them a try! ^_^b


Moe… eh… Alcohol…?   Leave a comment

For the past few posts, we had otaku only info, then food related info… for this latest post, how about both? XD


Spending a few years working in Japan meant having to drink occasionally, and the cheap prices for alcohol compared to Singapore did not help matters either. The relative cheapness of wines and sake meant that even anime, manga or even illustrators can produce a line of moe alcohol!

Here are a few examples:


KanColle sake, last we heard, they were still available at anime retailers like Animate.


May look familiar, as this is the same illustrator as the Madoka☆Magica series.

(*Sorry, we drank the contents before remembering to take a photo… XD)


This photo was taken at the event where they revealed this Touken Ranbu product for the first time.


The bottles had a hollow center design to hold the slip of paper with the illustration. Sakura sake, by the way. Oh, and should also be still available in shops like Animate.

Some of the other collaborations also included: Macross Frontier, King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Maison Ikkoku, and so on. What other titles have you seen with an alcohol collaboration so far? Xp

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Best Spaghetti Restaurant in Tokyo, Moses!   Leave a comment

It looks like the latest Gundam series is picking up steam with the latest episode 3 just released today, and we have One Punch Man for comedy relief this season, so it probably won’t get boring anytime soon. Oh, let’s not forget about Kamen Rider Ghost and the upcoming Macross Delta press release coming up on the 29th of this month.


But enough of the otaku chat, as mentioned in the title of this post, we will be looking at another topic today. Since we have a member who has lived in Tokyo for the past 5 years, let’s take a look at some nice food places in Tokyo!


According to our sources, it seems that a quite a few people have already tried out this place too, so please feel free to comment if you have a recommendation from this restaurant too! XD


You can find a sample of the menu here:

This place features the traditional Italian pastas, as well as the Japanese style pastas for the courageous diners. (Seriously, some of the Japanese pastas contain fish roe, natto or sea urchin, so be prepared…)


That said, the most sought after item there should be the Salmon Cream Fettuccine Pasta, as it tends to sell out once the sauce is finished for the day. Do check with the chef on the availability before placing your orders. a good suggestion of to go for dinner there, as the best set meal (set C) is only available at dinner. It includes soup, salad, drink and dessert for less than 2000 yen!


We are not sure if any English menu is available on site, so those going may like to take note of the following items when visiting:

うに (uni) – sea urchin

明太子、たらこ (mentaiko, tarako) – fish roe

しめじ (shimeji) – mushroom, long variety

あさり (asari) – clams

納豆 (natto) – fermented beans, normally comes coated in a sticky residue


That should cover this restaurant for the time being, but do let us know if there is any food you would like us to cover in the future non-otaku related posts! ^_^b

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Lotteria Tie-up with Macross Frontier again… Xp   Leave a comment

Was out looking for dinner and happened to pass by the nearest Lotteria for a look…

Surprised that the Macross Frontier campaign was on again.

3D clear files this time, with another mug cup campaign coming up later in the month:

More details on the Lotteria site:

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Gundam 7-11 Tie-up   Leave a comment

Had to happen sooner or later… now 7-11 in Japan wants a share of the otaku’s $$$… T_T

Just went to the nearby combini to pick up some snacks and sweets, so might as well get a set of these:

Didn’t know Char’s favourite flavour was strawberry though… XD

More Gundam goodies at 7-11 on their main site:



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Evangelion Ice-cream   Leave a comment

Since we are on the topic of Lawsons, here was the ice-cream I bought from the combini just now:

Before it was Eva Ice, I think this type of ice-cream was called Pino or something…

Love the mini Longinus Spear(pick?) that comes with the ice-cream.

There are 7 types of wrappers… only found 4 in this box, I guess…

Oh, and these were from the previous promotion, where you get 1 mobile phone strap for every 2 listed items purchased.

Smarter folks would have just spammed the 105 yen sweets to save money… XD

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Lawson’s X’mas Cake Promotions!!   Leave a comment

Was just picking up some snacks at the local combini: Lawsons and the staff slipped this into my plastic bag↓↓↓↓↓↓ Xp

Ah, cakes and ice-cream! Perfect for a X’mas party! XD


I have my doubts about this one, especially since it comes with a figure stand for your new 17 cm stainless steel progressive knife!! Xp

I may just be crazy enough to take a photo of the knife sticking out of the Angel Core cake… Stay tuned, folks!! XD

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