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[Spoiler Alert] Kamen Rider Ghost Toy Reviews   Leave a comment

A new Kamen Rider series will be hitting Japan’s Tv stations tomorrow morning: Kamen Rider Ghost!!

Strangely enough, some of the toys have already hit the shelves in Japan, and one of our favourite toy reviewers (Wotafa / ヲタファ) have already covered a few of them.

You can check out the previews to the toys before the first episode is on air here, but be warned that it does give away some information before the actual show, so proceed at your own discretion…

Wotafa does a lot of great reviews, so do comment or support his channel if you find the videos useful! ^_^b


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Wonder Festival 2011 Summer [Planning Stage]   Leave a comment

Well, as the title suggests, Wonder Fest is coming again this Sunday(24/07/2011).

Time to get the catalog out and plan how to go about attacking the event XD

Some highlights from the new or exclusive releases that might interest most of you out there:

Yup, you saw correctly. There will be machines there for you to attempt to catch these figures.

Only 500 pieces of each type available!

Some interesting things they have available there… XD

And my poison… they just had to throw in the bathroom poster freebie… T_T

Another exclusive from Kotobukiya this time.

Movic getting in on the action, with a special edition(suntan version?!) of a cute Azusa figure…

Wrong Azusa or I could end up getting again XD

Only a gray scale model, but this loli version of Fate looks like it will sell out fast again.

EVA-Mk 06?!

The ARX-8 at the bottom looks spectacular as well!

Figmas mostly for Good Smile Company this season.

Madoka also plays an important part too. Best part about GSC is that there will definitely be a mail order open later so fans don’t have to be worried about not being able to attend Wonder Fest… XD

Limited Edition Fate Testarossa from Alter   8 comments

Oh, will probably be posting a Nanoha Special on figures later as discussed with Chino.

Before that, here is a review of another one that got away at Wonder Festival Winter 2011. As there were only 1500 pieces, fat chance of getting this since my first targets are Nendoroids and Tamane XD

But! All is not lost… online orders are up till the 15th of March and this is the last chance for ordering…

For more details, please click the link above Xp

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K-on Straps with tea?!   4 comments

Yup, looks like I will be drinking tea for the next few days XD

Thought i should post the actual product pics as well… coz Yui just doesn’t want to turn around for a photo  T_T

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4 More Magazines to Buy in the Next Few Months…   Leave a comment

After the trip to Wonderfest, you will more or less have an idea on what items are gonna kill you over the next few months…

Just a preview on some magazines to look out for:

Let’s see, from left to right:

  1. Hobby Japan June issue(4/25)
  2. Hobby Japan May issue(3/25)
  3. The Sneaker April issue(2/28)
  4. Shonen Ace April issue(2/26)

All these are from Kaiyodo, so you know the quality will be good… time got check out your nearest book stores? XD

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Cute stuff – Yuki Onna from Nurarihyon no Mago   2 comments

Oh, almost forgot to post this from Jump Festa…

Set of 2 mascot figures, after taking it out:

Naturally she turned out a lot smaller than the main character T_T

Oh well, she doesn’t really have that many other figures and this is the nicest looking one to date… sad, isn’t it… Xp

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Another Tamaki Figure T_T   11 comments

Some might say I have 4 of the same figure… but I beg to differ.

There are some subtle changes that makes every single 1 different from the previous… that would be the most fustrating part. So I can’t just chalk this up to those despicable colour variations and don’t buy… T_T

So here is the latest in my collection. Here is also the extended family pic:

Can’t wait for the next stunt they will pull again… XD

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