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Poyo Poyo Zoukan!   9 comments

Eh, a bit hard to explain what’s Poyo Poyo… please take a look at the pictures lah:

4 koma manga of a round cat… best I can explain, lol.

Special issue that comes with a paper craft of the square version, and news is that the special edition with a 1/1 scale soft toy should be out at the end of this month… will probably post that then XD


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(News!) Fairy Tail PR card with Shonen Magazine no.35!   Leave a comment

Yup, just got wind that the next issue of Shonen Magazine no.35 due to be released next week will come with a PR card for Fairy Tail.

Not known at the moment what card it is but common practice is to keep mum till the release date.

In the meantime, this pic was spotted on Bushiroad English blog as well as the main site for Shonen Magazine(Kodansha):

Hope I will have a follow-up post to this next week  v^_^

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Ge-maga 8月号 Zoukan featuring 杏仁豆腐Im@s posters   17 comments

For some of you out there feeling a bit let down coz the art book is missing a few pages from the PSP download content illustrations, fear not, as all the illustrations from the PSP download magazines are available here as posters!

Special feature on the latest news of Im@s 2 as well, lol.

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PreKoma 2!♥   19 comments

Yeah, this doujin group again… lol.

Just can’t help it… just so funny… XD

Zelfi must be sneezing a lot right now…

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Idolm@ster 杏仁豆腐 Illustration Book!!   13 comments

Yup, the long awaited art book from 杏仁豆腐(Annin Toufu) Sensei is finally out and here it is:

Main draw is the big sized pics from Weiβ Schwarz Climax cards, without the frames!!! lol.

Only problem I have with this art book is that the DLC magazine part does not include all the art work he has done for the 12 volumes, as some of the copyright might belong to other companies… e.g. the latest dress for Ritsuko is the Macross Frontier Ranka Lee dress… T_T very sad…

P.S. Found a spelling mistake in the book… not that bad, and I was asked to cut them some slack so I didn’t complain… Xp

For those interested, the spelling for ‘Kosmos Cosmos’ became ‘Kosomos Cosmos’ in the book. Check it out for yourself… T_T

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Macross F ‘Official’ Doujin   5 comments

One of the items I got at the limited time only shop in Akiba:

Yeah, doujins coz they are not marked with ISBN numbers and are only sold at events like this one. Most of the pages inside are drawn by various other artists and are actually quite funny for some of them. Another item will be featured in the next post ^_^

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Follow up to PuriKoma…?   4 comments

For the benefit of those who were wondering what Chino and I were discussing, here are the books we were talking about:

We all like the eyes as they remind us of the first few Nendroids with similar eyes… lol.

There should be 1 more compilation book… let’s see if I can find that 1 as well…

Oh, and these are Doujin releases so please note if any of you plan to order these online. Xp

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