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For the past few posts, we had otaku only info, then food related info… for this latest post, how about both? XD


Spending a few years working in Japan meant having to drink occasionally, and the cheap prices for alcohol compared to Singapore did not help matters either. The relative cheapness of wines and sake meant that even anime, manga or even illustrators can produce a line of moe alcohol!

Here are a few examples:


KanColle sake, last we heard, they were still available at anime retailers like Animate.


May look familiar, as this is the same illustrator as the Madoka☆Magica series.

(*Sorry, we drank the contents before remembering to take a photo… XD)


This photo was taken at the event where they revealed this Touken Ranbu product for the first time.


The bottles had a hollow center design to hold the slip of paper with the illustration. Sakura sake, by the way. Oh, and should also be still available in shops like Animate.

Some of the other collaborations also included: Macross Frontier, King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Maison Ikkoku, and so on. What other titles have you seen with an alcohol collaboration so far? Xp


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