Latest stuff available in Lawson catalog   9 comments

Lawson’s is getting more otaku-friendly recently.

Why? Just check out the latest stuff available via mail order in their latest catalog:

Producer-san, it’s Im@s, Idolmaster!! XD

Some more K-on stuff…

Fans for the really hot summer this year Xp

For the Transformers fans, an alternate colour version of Optimus Prime with a movie ticket?!

Before you shout for joy, check out the price… more like a free ticket with your toy… XD

In comparison, this ticket seems so much more reasonable… XD

The occasional Lawson exclusive! With a Loppi(automated order) machine included with this figure of Mari…

and a Lawson’s shopping basket as well… LOL

Apparel collaboration with other makers. Glasses frames and t-shirts… t-shirts seems a bit ex though… Xp

Idolm@ster goods, some for live concerts.

Part 2…

Last page of Idolm@aster stuff… looks like a death trap for Stanley this issue, isn’t it… Xp

(*Please click on the pics above for bigger photos. ^_^b)


9 responses to “Latest stuff available in Lawson catalog

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  1. Lol maou pawn people even during public holidays.

  2. i think it’s time i add megane to my attributes…

    • Please do… XD
      Which one do you want??

      Thankfully the price is only for the frames and comes with fake(no degree) lenses.
      +2k yen to upgrade to something with degree at any Jins Store… Xp

  3. Oh… I see LSS… And K-on ! Lucky don’t have Sawa-chan ….. πŸ™‚

  4. Well, at least not yet… XD

  5. GAAAH!

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