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Tokusatsu Movies   Leave a comment

One of the movies I watched this month with some friends from Singapore:

The latest Ranger movie with 199 rangers!!! XD

The 2 types of tokuten you get with the tickets:


Pretty good movie and really nostalgic for someone who has watched the original few series before the power ranger boom in the 90s. A point to note are all the cameos from some of the older cast from the 80s. Sure they have aged quite a bit over the years, but that didn’t stop the tears when they appeared TT

My only grippe is that they used some stock footage for the big robot battles. Guess I can’t really blame them as I expect some of the suits are probably too old and could be beyond repair already. The other explanation? Some collectors might be in possession of them and wouldn’t loan them out, even for a grand spectacle like this.

Oh well, enough of my raves and rants, now to preview the next movie I have pre-tix to already:


Also spotted at the recent toy show in Tokyo:



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2 different types of Vanguard sleeves   2 comments


Some of the players out there have been wondering about the red coloured Vanguard sleeves that some people have been using.
Well, I have included a photo of the 2 types of sleeves for reference in this post.

Basically, the blue sleeves are on sales in shops, whereas the red sleeves can only be obtained via the gold/silver exchange campaign!

Please refer to this page for more info for the red Vanguard sleeves:

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First post from iPhone   4 comments


Figured out how to blog from iPhone, so should be a lot faster and frequent with posts from now on… I hope XD

In any case, here is a feature on the movie outing I had today. Went to catch the latest Sora no Otoshimono movie, which was pretty good.

What I like about movies in Japan is the really comfy seats and considerate movie-goers here. Oh, and the related goods which they sell at the cinema during the showing of the movie…

Anyone interested in the Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean goods? XD





Saw this little pamphlet as I was leaving the cinema… Omg, I can’t believe this… Can it really be true? XD

(This is a pretty old anime from my era, so don’t sweat it if it seems unfamiliar to most of you… Xp)

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