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Chocolate from Tamaki   2 comments

Just a quick post again today.

Got this when I bought 1 of her figures at Wonderfest:

Maybe I’ll post the figure once I have the time… more events this weekend Xp


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Nagato Yuki Can Coffee   6 comments

Now, if only I drank coffee XD

Oh well, at least it is an actual can unlike the paper packaging for the previous lemon drink from Haruhi Xp

Oh well, living in Japan means falling victim to these temptations once in a while…

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Chocolate…?!   Leave a comment

Found this in the drinks section of a nearby combini.

Seriously, the chocolate for your valentine is getting out of hand… a drink now?!

Well, to tell you the truth… tasted kinda like liquid cheese cake XD

It’s still good, reminds me of the pancake milk I always drink. Which of course, tasted like liquid pancakes…

Oh, and took this photo last night during the freak snow storm:

Was still snowing when I took the photo, so I really couldn’t stop the shaking of the umbrella… makes for an interesting photo, doesn’t it?

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Moe Airlines!?   12 comments

Chino will so be getting this doujin XD

A book on airlines by none other than POP sensei…

What was surprising was that the SG airlines girl was actually well designed XD

Oh, and some of the guys were asking me about the snow the other day. Here is a shot from a window as I was going out for dinner:

Not that bad, but was freezing… good time to stay indoors!

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Seiyu Commercial??   Leave a comment

Just a quick one for today. Will post more if I have the time later Xp

The kids in the background must be thinking: WTF?! XD

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Oh… flying!   Leave a comment

Saw this commercial just now… they really making pachinko and pachislot machines out of any title nowadays… XD

I personally feel like trying out the Sousei no Aquarion ones but that will turn out to be another sink hole Xp

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Limited Edition Fate Testarossa from Alter   8 comments

Oh, will probably be posting a Nanoha Special on figures later as discussed with Chino.

Before that, here is a review of another one that got away at Wonder Festival Winter 2011. As there were only 1500 pieces, fat chance of getting this since my first targets are Nendoroids and Tamane XD

But! All is not lost… online orders are up till the 15th of March and this is the last chance for ordering…

For more details, please click the link above Xp

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