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Nostalgic Music   Leave a comment

Saw a few versions of this commercial recently…

Could only find the older version on youtube though… T_T

After this, felt like watching Top Gun again… or Hot Shots… XD


Posted January 15, 2011 by moetsukiru in General Interests, Other Products

Takoyaki!!! and dessert?!   6 comments

Whew =3 been over eating recently… but the food in Japan is all so good!!!

Like this snack I had recently. Hot stuff really does taste good when it gets really cold.

And a drink after… also doubled as a dessert as I had no more space left for other stuff… XD

Following the advise from an expert in the industry, our watermark/logo is now smaller and tucked away in the corner. How does this look to you guys? ^_^

Posted January 12, 2011 by moetsukiru in General Interests