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Another Tamaki Figure T_T   11 comments

Some might say I have 4 of the same figure… but I beg to differ.

There are some subtle changes that makes every single 1 different from the previous… that would be the most fustrating part. So I can’t just chalk this up to those despicable colour variations and don’t buy… T_T

So here is the latest in my collection. Here is also the extended family pic:

Can’t wait for the next stunt they will pull again… XD


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Amazake   Leave a comment

Was just looking at a nearby combini and saw this:

Was always intrigued whenever you hear this drink in animes. Has about 1 % alcohol content so it’s practically non-existant. Really tasted quite sweet but it wasn’t as clear as a normal sake or wine… kinda like a peach drink really XD

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Shocker eats… instant noodles?!   4 comments

Yes, apparently they do XD

Makes me want to join in… or eat noodles…

I don’t know which is funnier, the actual cm or the making clip:

Plus, the live version ain’t half bad either:

Really have to hand it to the guys in the Shocker suits, they are really good! ^_^b

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Evangelion iPhone4 Screen Guards   Leave a comment

More bling for the iPhone 4!

Compared to the previous One Piece collection, at least there are now 3 girls! XD

Wonder if Sensai will ever produce any screen guards from more moe titles… ^_^b

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Hello Kitty Tumblers!   19 comments

Yes… don’t doubt your eyes… I bought more Hello Kitty stuff again T_T

Nice line-up of illustrators this time round. I should be seeing a message from Chino very soon… XD

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Macross Frontier Pudding…?!   9 comments

I know a few people who would kill to have this… XD

If only for the laughs XD

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Pre-ticket for Kamen Rider OOO movie!   2 comments

My apologies for the long absence, as most of the guys out there who know what I do for a living will know that I have been travelling a lot these past few months. The very first thing I would like to do is to get some rest… but that is not to be. With more events coming up in the next month(Dec’10), I guess I will be even busier than usual as well. Heck, at least I will be busy in Tokyo XD.

Oh well… was in Shinjuku just now and decided to drop by the cinema where I normally like to watch movies in Tokyo, Japan.

Thought I might as well pick up a pre-ticket coz it’s slightly cheaper than the normal fare:

Then, there is the Space Battleship Yamato movie coming up too… AH!!!! so many things to do in December… Xp

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