PreCure Doujin Spree…   22 comments

Been in a Sunshine rut lately… Somebody get me a photo of Zelfi’s face when he sees this post please Xp

The artist for the doujin on the right is the guy drawing the Macross Frontier 4コマ in Macross Ace right now… XD

One of my favourite artists who always draw girls that calms you down… o.o じ~~~


Posted October 14, 2010 by moetsukiru in Books, Otaku Interests

22 responses to “PreCure Doujin Spree…

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  1. Macross Frontier 4コマ… time to keep a look out at kino…

  2. Anyone did a Cure Sunshine x Panty doujin yet? 😀

  3. Not yet… any reason for this pairing???

  4. hittokiri-
    What!? No Macross Ace??
    … hint: the latest issue comes with an alternate book cover for Macross the first… Misa!!

    Cross series pairing is indeed very rare, but sometime seiyuu is the same and they use that ネタ… like some time ago there was a doujin with Cardcaptor Sakura and all the characters were from other series but voiced by the same seiyuu as from CCS… very mixed up but very funny XD
    *hint: Shining Gundam appeared XD (reason: Touya was voiced by same seiyuu as Domon Kasshu, pilot of Shining Gundam)

    • damn down internet connection… else would have collected a copy of macross ace yesterday. will collect a copy later. at office now… working on a sunday sucks…

      macross will be a real killer to me ne 大魔王様. among other killers…

      • Yes… but hang in there… Macross will claim more casualties yet… especially next yr and the last movie for Frontier… touch wood that could be a back-up plan for the Japan visit.

  5. can i kill u?

  6. SAfe from all this … Aha ! The second one looks cute … 😛

  7. Yah, 爆天童せんせい and that particular artist known for cute… Xp

  8. Panty is a more perverse lookalike to Cure Sunshine.

  9. … don’t see it… must take a very perverse person to see it… XD

  10. Only a pervert can find true happiness.

  11. Never mind, we can find happiness in other ways… 😛

    Yeah ! XD

  12. we already decided that what ever u post we will not buy XD
    and stanley is not a normal pervert.
    i believe he is S class

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