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Just some snacks   12 comments

Was just talking about snacks here in Japan with hitto… thought I should post some of the stuff I ate recently Xp

The ice cream(?) was good, and the onion rings were excellent… should have bought more beer πŸ˜„

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Calpis… sour!?   2 comments

Most of us have come across Calpis water, the drink like Yakult that’s supposed to be good for out stomach.

Heck, I like the Calpis Soda better coz it’s gassy…

But this:

Hmmm… Calpis Sour?! This has 5% alcohol content… not really that prominent but this actually has more alcohol than some beers out there πŸ˜„

So this is good for the intestines as well as your soul?? Xp

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PreCure Doujin Spree…   22 comments

Been in a Sunshine rut lately… Somebody get me a photo of Zelfi’s face when he sees this post please Xp

The artist for the doujin on the right is the guy drawing the Macross Frontier 4γ‚³γƒž in Macross Ace right now… πŸ˜„

One of my favourite artists who always draw girls that calms you down… o.o じ~~~

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Moe Wine XD   8 comments

Saw this at Toranoana and was kinda interested in the taste. I have been drinking a bit since I came to Tokyo and the beer, wine here is really delicious. Let’s not go into the price as it is way lower here than anywhere else at the moment πŸ˜„

Contains 8% alcoholic content… kinda high for something you find in a otaku store… and the price will stun you… seriously!

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Kud Wafter Nendroid!!!   9 comments

Was just looking at my Compace and Comptiq and noticed that they are offering this Nendroid for sale only thru the magazines:

Will probably order mine once I am free to go to the post officce πŸ˜„

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FF14 Commercial   Leave a comment

Hey, with a commercial like that, why wouldn’t you want to join in the fun of Final Fantasy 14? πŸ˜„

Still, it’s still at least 6 months away till the PS3 release and to wait for SE to at least fix the ‘horse bird’ issues Xp


For those who have a nico nico account, here is the 60 second version:


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Guys Wax Commercial – Scalp D!   6 comments

Saw this commercial on TV and wanted to show you guys:

Catchy tune, felt like standing up and singing as well πŸ˜„

And another from the same company:

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