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Just some snacks   12 comments

Was just talking about snacks here in Japan with hitto… thought I should post some of the stuff I ate recently Xp

The ice cream(?) was good, and the onion rings were excellent… should have bought more beer XD


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Calpis… sour!?   2 comments

Most of us have come across Calpis water, the drink like Yakult that’s supposed to be good for out stomach.

Heck, I like the Calpis Soda better coz it’s gassy…

But this:

Hmmm… Calpis Sour?! This has 5% alcohol content… not really that prominent but this actually has more alcohol than some beers out there XD

So this is good for the intestines as well as your soul?? Xp

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PreCure Doujin Spree…   22 comments

Been in a Sunshine rut lately… Somebody get me a photo of Zelfi’s face when he sees this post please Xp

The artist for the doujin on the right is the guy drawing the Macross Frontier 4コマ in Macross Ace right now… XD

One of my favourite artists who always draw girls that calms you down… o.o じ~~~

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Moe Wine XD   8 comments

Saw this at Toranoana and was kinda interested in the taste. I have been drinking a bit since I came to Tokyo and the beer, wine here is really delicious. Let’s not go into the price as it is way lower here than anywhere else at the moment XD

Contains 8% alcoholic content… kinda high for something you find in a otaku store… and the price will stun you… seriously!

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Kud Wafter Nendroid!!!   9 comments

Was just looking at my Compace and Comptiq and noticed that they are offering this Nendroid for sale only thru the magazines:

Will probably order mine once I am free to go to the post officce XD

Posted October 5, 2010 by moetsukiru in Figures, Otaku Interests

FF14 Commercial   Leave a comment

Hey, with a commercial like that, why wouldn’t you want to join in the fun of Final Fantasy 14? XD

Still, it’s still at least 6 months away till the PS3 release and to wait for SE to at least fix the ‘horse bird’ issues Xp


For those who have a nico nico account, here is the 60 second version:


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Guys Wax Commercial – Scalp D!   6 comments

Saw this commercial on TV and wanted to show you guys:

Catchy tune, felt like standing up and singing as well XD

And another from the same company:

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