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Shonen Magazine no.35 with Fairy Tail PR card!   Leave a comment

Yup. it’s out today!

Not very often that there is a card with Shonen Magazine, or any other weekly magazine for that matter… lol.


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Just back from Wonder Festival!   6 comments

Yah, spent more than 10 hours out today, just to take a look at WonderFes… Time well spent, considering the size of the event.

Just some comments for now. Will sort out some photos to post later once I free…

Got a free bag from one of the booths, great for carrying the phamplets and other goodies from the event. Just for a size comparison, there is a WS card of Black Rock Shooter in the picture… small, isn’t it when compared to the bag.

I like the process for their lucky draw as well, very organized. I was amused by the father and daughter pair in front of me. They were both looking at their catalog tickets and waiting for the numbers to be announced. There were about 80 prizes but unfortunately they didn’t win anything. Oh well, with about 40000 people attending I think the chances were very slim lah. Xp

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Poyo Poyo Zoukan!   9 comments

Eh, a bit hard to explain what’s Poyo Poyo… please take a look at the pictures lah:

4 koma manga of a round cat… best I can explain, lol.

Special issue that comes with a paper craft of the square version, and news is that the special edition with a 1/1 scale soft toy should be out at the end of this month… will probably post that then XD

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Dinner!   4 comments

No, i am not running out of stuff to post Xp

Just thought I would do some food posts occasionally to take a break from all the otaku stuff.

Something I got at the local supermarket. They were having a Hokkaido Fair so I got this to try. Way cheaper than What I had in Singapore during Meidi-ya’s Hokkaido Fair, lol.

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Fairy Tail Booster SP and SR cards   2 comments

Following the news of the PR card with the next issue of Shonen Magazine, here is a look at the ‘shiny’ cards of the boosters:

Only surprise this time was that not all the blue cards are Gray… lol XD

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(News!) Fairy Tail PR card with Shonen Magazine no.35!   Leave a comment

Yup, just got wind that the next issue of Shonen Magazine no.35 due to be released next week will come with a PR card for Fairy Tail.

Not known at the moment what card it is but common practice is to keep mum till the release date.

In the meantime, this pic was spotted on Bushiroad English blog as well as the main site for Shonen Magazine(Kodansha):

Hope I will have a follow-up post to this next week  v^_^

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Mayoi Neko Overrun Victory Spark TD Sign!!!   5 comments

Congratulations to Zelfi for getting all the 3 sign cards for the Victory Spark Trial Deck(迷い猫オーバーラン!)

Can’t wait for the boosters and see what they will come up with, after looking at the cards of the day… really broken cards coming out soon… lol XD

Oh, and Zelfi has joined a gang… of people who do translations for Victory Spark:

Check it out if you are interested in starting the game. See ya next post!!!

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