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Anisong used here…?!   8 comments

Yes, folks… watch this video 1st:

Didn’t realise that anisong can be used in these events, lol.

Oh, 1 more to check out:

Has Cutie Honey and Sailor Moon BGM!!!

Got lots more, please go to google and search: 男子新体操, 鹿児島実業 or アニソン…

Really amazing, these guys. Wonder if they would like to appear at AFA’10! Lol… XD


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Macross Limited Time Only Shop   5 comments

As promised, here is a pic of the Limited Time Macross Shop at Akiba at the moment.

Not a very big place, but the stocks are excellent. they even had the Hi Metal Valkyries, VF-19 and VF1J(new design-Hikaru colour) on sale here. The most special item was the water… more on that in the next post… XD

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OMG, not going to miss this…   13 comments

Was flipping through the latest issue of Macross Ace from Kadokawa when I came across a article on Iijima Mari. Younger fans of Macross may not know but she was the voice, both singing and speaking for the original Macross series character, Lynn Minmay.

Reading on, it seems like she has a live performance event on 31/7/2010 in Tokyo! But, at that moment I thought the chances are slim on getting a ticket. To my surprise, there were still tickets left!! Off I went and got a ticket, as I am a older generation otaku and will not pass up a chance to listen to her live, lol.

Also, there is a limited time Macross shop open at Akihabara UDX Building. Took a photo, bought a few items and will post later.

Anyone else interested in joining me for this live can just drop me a line, we can always go together. ^_^b

(Oh, for those not familiar with Iijima Mari, she is based currently in the US and shuttles between Paris and London as well if I remember correctly. Just stating how rare it is to catch her at a live performance, even in Japan…o.O)

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A Baseball Game in Japan…   4 comments

I had a great experience yesterday as I was invited to a baseball match. Having never been to 1 before in my life, I decided to take a look for myself. Friends will know I’m not that into sports at all but it was a nice gesture from my colleagues and I thought what the heck, I’m always open to new things and ideas.

Well, I had a great time actually. The audience was very energetic and the game may have taken quite long… 2hours 45 min if I remember correctly, but it was still pretty interesting.

Oh, note the extension in the seats above. It is known as the MacDonalds Exciting Seats. I’ll say it’s exciting, the balls keep flying there! No wonder the audience are all wearing helmets as well… lol.

Well, here are some items from yesterday. The ticket, a box of pocky given at the gate, and a coupon for a free Big Mac only if both sides hit home-runs. Quite interesting… XD

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I like big… never mind….   6 comments

Well, only in Japan, I managed to find the 2 figures I missed last year.

Was thinking of buying but was put off as I thought they were doing colour variations again. I was wrong, as the eyes were different and they threw in a body chain accessory as a bonus. Oh well, I’ll take it as a different figure. But! there will be another follow up to this figure and the difference is significant:

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Follow up to PuriKoma…?   4 comments

For the benefit of those who were wondering what Chino and I were discussing, here are the books we were talking about:

We all like the eyes as they remind us of the first few Nendroids with similar eyes… lol.

There should be 1 more compilation book… let’s see if I can find that 1 as well…

Oh, and these are Doujin releases so please note if any of you plan to order these online. Xp

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Touhou Bathroom Poster!   6 comments

Was wandering around Akiba and stepped into one of the doujin goods store heavy on Touhou stuff…

Found this little beauty, just as I was wondering that my bathroom wall seems a bit empty. Seriously, was wondering if I should have gotten a seperate instead(oh, in Japan, either you take a ‘seperate’, meaning the bathroom and toilet are 2 different rooms, or the toilet and bathroom is combined…) but 1 thing at a time, lol. 

Other designs can be found here:

Was looking for Sakuya as well, but no stock at the moment. Oh well, this coming weekend then…

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