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Cybuster Wooden Sculpture by Jason…?   2 comments

Was walking down Akiba yesterday when I came across this crowd outside Messe Sanoh.

Curious, I decided to take a look and saw a wooden carving of Cybuster:

The video playing in the background shows the process of shaping the sculpture with a chainsaw… Really, he was wearing the mask shown above thru out the entire process… lol ^_^b


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Walking down Ikebukuro   Leave a comment

Accompanied some guests from Singapore and went to Ikebukuro to look at some stuff. One of the guys suggested taking a stroll down Otome road. Then we can truly say we have fully explored the area.

So, off we went and explored the unknown:

This K-books is not all different from what we are used to… just have girls instead of guys drooling over the selection, lol.

Oh, just some info on this area. Under this K-books is a convenience store. The dessert selection is quite good… and located in the basement is the famous Butler Cafe, Swallowtail(just follow the blue led lights…).

We walked till the end and turned back, but not before snapping a shop of this banner. Apparently, It marks the end of Otome road ^_^

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Some Random Pics from My Handphone…   Leave a comment

Was clearing out some photos from my handphone, found some interesting pics I took while I was in Hong Kong.

Hmmm… the 1st character is still written old style… wonder if they serve older Singaporean Cuisine… lol.

Oh my God… the English Rockman is in Hong Kong!! And I think he’s pushing mens’ clothes… XD

Just some random ranting and raving, we’ll go back to more Otaku news by the next post… I promise  v^_^

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Key Sound Live 2010!   1 comment

Ah, Key Sound Live. Went to the event on 22/05/2010(Sat), was very touched by all the songs played.

Especially during the encore, when I heard Lia sang Tori No Uta from Air. She got the audience to sing along for the chorus as well, and I was done for the night, lol.

More Angel Beats!, Litbus and of course, Kud Wafter songs as the game will be due out in less than a month.

Oh, got a t-shirt from some friends as a gift after the concert as there was still stock left, lol:

First Live I went to in Japan, very impressed with the organization and planning that went into it. The audience were excellent as well… wonder which event I’ll go to next ^_^

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Upcoming Events in Akiba   Leave a comment

Was walking around the famous Akihabara with my Singapore guests, and I brought them up to JuneX, a art gallery which deals in Otaku Artworks. We are talking about original paintings which cost around ¥200,000 to ¥600,000. Art gallery as in a viewing lounge, and if you decide to buy a piece they will bring it to a personal booth with sufficient lighting for your closer inspection.

Ah,it’s a dream to be able to purchase a piece in the future…

As shown on the slips, it seems like both the artists will be present for 1 day during the exhibition/sales. I just wonder what time…

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Black Rock Shooter Pixiv Collection Book   Leave a comment

As promised, here is the cover of the Pixiv Collection book for Black Rock Shooter.

Quite good illustration book, with a lot of known illustrators contributing as well. (e.g. Blade, and 1 more artist I believe drew for K-on as well…)

Most were disappointed when it sold out during Comiket(C77, I think…) but they had a re-print for last week’s Pixiv fair held at Ikebukuro Animate. Other stuff were on sale as well, including the Bandana featured earlier and other Pixiv Illustration books.

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Miku Bandana ^o^   Leave a comment

Was at the Pixiv Fair in Ikebukuro Animate, got the Pixiv Black Rock Shooter Illustration book and this Bandana there, lol.

Measures about 52cm x 52cm, more details can be found here:初音ミクカモフラージュバンダナ+ブルー+グレー+ピンク.html 

Will post the illustration book cover later. It was apparently a C77 release and they re-printed for this Pixiv fair only… was fortunate to get 1 copy as there were less than 10 left when I went on Saturday Xp

(p.s. for the link, pls copy and paste the entire link to your browser. It won’t work by clicking coz the line contains Japanese characters…)

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