A couple of commercials I found funny on Japan TV   11 comments

I normally see some very funny and innovative ads on Japan channels, just thought of sharing a couple of them for laughs.

1st 1 is from a Coffee ad, and features Gackt… yes, him, no doubt about it:


2nd 1 is from Haruhi, featuring a breath mint, lol:


Click on CM紹介 after watching the flash, very funny commercial fro a breath mint!!! XD


Posted April 30, 2010 by moetsukiru in Otaku Interests, Other Products

11 responses to “A couple of commercials I found funny on Japan TV

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  1. haha the original Lotte Fits advertisement was so viral…i spent quite a few hours just spamming the vids on youtube instead of doing my assignment during the semester XD

  2. Lol, then this is an even bigger distraction for Kai also… yuki nekos…

  3. haha indeed…think he’s seen it already though…

  4. To see Gackt wearing some light color suit and doing something silly, its kind of refreshing to me.

    But still, my 3-in-1 Nescafe instant is enough for my golden time 😛

  5. Especially the part he jump and Wai~! in the corridor. rubbed my eyes and double checked if it was really Gackt… No doubt about that.

  6. saw the coffee one on keyhole before. didn’t notice it was gackt though. wai~ part is funny

    the lotte one, was looping it for a bit. nagato going nya~ is killer

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