A Tribute to Shane – Chaos 東方   15 comments

Chaos TCG has a fantastic line-up for 東方 this time, with many of my favourite artists sign cards included in the series. Illustrators such as うたたねひろゆき, 蘭宮涼, 犬, 介錯, 藤枝雅 etc…

Shane is a big fan of 東方 so I borrowed the above cards to show him. Here’s all the SR, RRR and signs in the series. v(^_^)v

How many sign cards can you spot?


Posted April 28, 2010 by moetsukiru in Otaku Interests, Other Products

15 responses to “A Tribute to Shane – Chaos 東方

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  1. I see 4 signs for sure…Marisa has a signed version but I can’t see well enough to see if it’s signed lol

  2. Ah, there you are… Yes, Marisa is signed. I can’t post a bigger pic or it will be reduced and distorted too much. Then you are missing 1 coz there’s 6. A bit hard to spot, no? It’s actually very obvious…

  3. oh i missed out eirin…the signature looks as if it were part of the background >_>

  4. ah, correct. the funny 村 sign…. damn funny but no one thought that was a sign…

  5. i think it’s because it looks like a torii…at least that’s why i didn’t notice it the first time…

  6. i see nothing except RRR Chirno. its POP!

  7. Well, art wise it’s Sakuya for me, signed by Utatane Hiroyuki sensei some more… *drool*

  8. So, what other cards are you missing from the set?

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