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Yoko(Gurren Lagaan) Doujin Set   Leave a comment

Well, found at least 1 item I can post on this blog that’s not too ‘unsuitable for the young’… lol.

Got all this for 2500yen, bklet, original design plastic bag and of course the 45cm x 45cm pillow cover. 1 of the items I found very worth the price at the event. But it was pretty crowded so lots of other good stuff were sold out by the time I got there. Oh well, better luck next time ^_^


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A couple of commercials I found funny on Japan TV   11 comments

I normally see some very funny and innovative ads on Japan channels, just thought of sharing a couple of them for laughs.

1st 1 is from a Coffee ad, and features Gackt… yes, him, no doubt about it:

2nd 1 is from Haruhi, featuring a breath mint, lol:

Click on CM紹介 after watching the flash, very funny commercial fro a breath mint!!! XD

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Comic1☆4 Event in Japan   2 comments

Yes, went to the event today. Haven’t been to Comiket before so I thought I would use this as a testing ground before that.

Been at least 10 years since I was there, hasn’t changed a bit since then… most events I went to after that has been Makuhari Messe so It really was nostalgic for me.

Anyway, it has been a tiring day, so I’ll post some stuff from the event later. Those stuff I can actually post lah, lol. ^o^v

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A Tribute to Shane – Chaos 東方   15 comments

Chaos TCG has a fantastic line-up for 東方 this time, with many of my favourite artists sign cards included in the series. Illustrators such as うたたねひろゆき, 蘭宮涼, 犬, 介錯, 藤枝雅 etc…

Shane is a big fan of 東方 so I borrowed the above cards to show him. Here’s all the SR, RRR and signs in the series. v(^_^)v

How many sign cards can you spot?

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Gundam Crisis in FujiQ Highlands   Leave a comment

Ooh, speaking of Gundams, was at Fujikyu Highlands for a day trip. Saw this Gundam Crisis Ride(or so we thought…) there and decided to try it. Not what we expected at all… The main objective is to collect the Magnet Coating parts for the RX78 so that it can go up against a original mech in this attraction. You are given a device(looks like a Star Trek Tri-corder…) to collect the parts at certain points in the hanger.

The search was quite tiring but the thought of being able to get into a 1/1 Gundam just next to us got us so excited… unfortunately, not 1 person in our group managed to get into the Gundam… >_<

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D.C. D.C.II Plus Communication   1 comment

Ho, Ho… you guys wouldn`t believe how easy it is to complete cards in Japan, especially if the cards are new. This post features a complete set of D.C. D.C.II Plus Communication Sign, RRR and SR cards gathered for a friend.

One of the only series to feature 4 climaxes per colour, also plenty of alternate art for the artwork.

Only thing is to form a play set will prob be expensive, but to complete is fine enuff for most collectors.

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Sakura Taisen for Victory Spark(VS)!!!   1 comment

I finally completed the Sega Victory Spark collection!!! Ha Ha Ha!(maniac/diabolical laughter…)

I didn`t count on Sakura Taisen being able to suck $$$ from me anymore since Sakura Cafe closed in Ikebukuro, but was I ever wrong…. oh well, once in a while is ok.

But, I might have spoken too soon coz there is this impending urge to go play the Sakura Taisen Pachinko Machines at the parlor… Xp

This is easier to complete than Im@s all signs coz it`s new, maybe I should really finish that up soon…

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