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D.C. D.C.II New trial Deck for WS out on 27/2/2010   2 comments

Yup, just got my hands on the TD released today. Most surprising was the Sign Card I got from this pack… Yay!!!

Pictured above are the new packaging, deck seperator and the sign card I got. Although the chance of getting a sign card has been upped from 1/12 last time to 1/6 for the current release, it is still a very good feeling to see 1 of this in your deck when it is opened for the first time  ^_^

This is also the 1st time I have seen this form of packaging from Bushiroad, mostly involves a plastic covering over the cardboard box. Quite nice but it also means that you don’t get a removable deck case for the deck anymore. Really doesn’t make a difference coz most of us slot the cards we play with in the sleeves and the cards with sleeves don’t really fit into the deck box that came with previous TDs anyway.


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Famous Saying … from Diesel???   Leave a comment

Came across this while looking at a suppplement for a magazine…. Kinda reminds me of the saying, ‘God created everyone equal’…. ^o^

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