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This Month’s Magazines with WS Promo Cards!!!(Dec’09)   Leave a comment

It’s the end of the month again and time for the release of the magazines with WS promo cards.

A total of 3 magazines came with Promo cards this month. They are:

1) Game Japan (Feb 2010 issue) – Fate Hollow/Ataraxia(Rider)

2) Megami Magazine (Feb 2010 issue) – Nanoha(Fate)


3) The Sneaker (Feb 2010 issue) – Suzumiya Haruhi(Haruhi)

All 3 magazines come with 1 promo card, and there should be 1 more magazine with a promo card next month for Nanoha – Compace.

In the meantime, here’s a pic with all 3 promos from the above 3 magazines:


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Newtype増刊 – 娘タイプ Vol.4 with WS Promo Card(re-stock)   Leave a comment

Good news for those who missed this issue of 娘タイプ(NyanType) with the Haruhi WS Promo card, Liang Court Kinokuniya got a re-stock of the magazine this week.

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Final Fantasy XIII!!!   Leave a comment

A new post after a long time… not a alibi but the SD card in the camera conked out ;_; could only save about 90% of the photos after restoration…..

Anyhoo, to take my mind off the set-back(Stupid Lexar SD card), got into playing FF 13 already, lol.

Really nice game with great graphics and storyline. My advice to those who have been hearing bad reviews from other players? Play it for yourself 1st, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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