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Meeting with ブシロード Management!   Leave a comment

Just came back from a meeting with ブシロード(Bushiroad) staff from Japan. They are here in Singapore to look at the AFA09 event where they will be having events and activities in collaboration with TCG(The Card Geeks).

Japanese Post can be found here:

I believe that Bushiroad will be highlighting more card games other than Weiβ Schwarz at the AFA09, with the introduction of Chaos Tcg and Alice Cross card games. Be sure to check them out!


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遊戯王GX vol.6 in store!   Leave a comment

Latest volume of YuGiOh GX(Vol.6) in stores now. I only feature this volume coz it has girls on the cover, lol.

Seriously, most of the guys out there know I play WS coz it’s 1 of the few card games out there that can truly form an all girl deck without losing balance. So, the rare chances that a girl and a female monster is on the cover, we will feature it here. Too bad the attached card with the book is not a female monster… >o<

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Fairy Tail Badge Give-away   Leave a comment

Seems like the Japanese Books Department at Liang Court Kinokuniya is having a Fair for Fairy Tail due to the Anime series being on-air in Japan.

You will get a chance to pick out a Can Badge for every Japanese Fairy Tail comic book purchased. There are a total of 5 designs in all, but I’m guessing there will be more male characters that female characters in that box… as usual ^_^

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A couple of Macross titles….   Leave a comment

Just thought I’d post a couple of new Macross books on the market, especially the シェリル・ノーム Visual Collection. The title is so popular that Amazon, HMV and Rakuten Japan sold out on the 1st few days of release…..

But fear not, the publishers have decided to re-print more copies at the end of the November so stocks should be here before christmas, lolx.

The Macross Ultiamte Frontier Complete Guide is for the staff here at moetsukiru. We are all die-hard Macross fans lah… ^_^

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バカとテストと召喚獣 Light Novels available at Kinokuniya   Leave a comment

It had to happen sooner or later but our Japanese bookstores are stocking up on the title: Baka To Test To Shoukanjyuu, or BakaTest for short.

As most of you guys know, the anime series is slated for a Jan 2010 release in Japan, and the manga has just started its run in the monthly magazine: 少年エース(Shounen Ace) so the 1st volume of the manga isn’t even out yet. The only way to get a preview is to take a gander at the light novels.

*(Photos are used with permission from the friendly staff over at Liang Court Kinokuniya, where the BakaTest Fair will run till the start of the anime series… that is, if the stocks last that long lah^_^)

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ヴァイスシュヴァルツ2009 Official Guide Book   Leave a comment

Came across this title as I was shopping recently. Great book  for all the Weiss Schwarz players out there who need a catalog for the recent releases.

Pity that the 2008 book could only be redeemed via the Gold/Silver ticket exchange… ;_;

For those who wish to order, here is the ISBN number to make searching for it easier at the Japanese book stores: 978-4-89425-840-2

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とある科学の超電磁砲(レールガン)根付ストラップシリーズ   Leave a comment

The year end giveaways have started from Mediaworks….

This time they are banking on the on-air animation, とある科学の超電磁砲(Toaru Kagaku No RailGun) with a series of character mascots.

The 1st 3 are from the magazine Dengeki Daioh and the last 1 is from the Limited Ed of the Railgun manga Vol.4.

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