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Just thought that this site deserves a special mention.

Not only does it offer a dose of comedy relief a day, it also shows us the lack of creativity in our local adverts.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:


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ハルヒ Figures with 3 Upcoming Japanese Magazines   3 comments

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to look out for magazines with figure freebies again…

The latest issue of Newtype magazine has already released info for 3 Haruhi figures to be included in the 3 magazines: Newtype(Jan’10 issue), The Sneaker(Feb’10 issue) and Shonen Ace(Feb’10 issue).

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アイドルマスターブレイク! 第2巻 限定版   Leave a comment

Just came across the contents for the Idolmaster Break Vol.2 Limited edition.

The manga will come with a premium cd featuring short dramas between 765 and 961 productions.

Most importantly, there will be 4 anime songs in the cd as well. They include:


ムーンライト伝説(セーラームーン) sung by 天海春香

ハッピー☆マテリアル(魔法先生 ネギま) sung by 我那覇響

キューティーハニー(キューティーハニー) sung by 四条貴音

rise(攻殻機動隊) sung by 如月千早

To me, the most important tracks will be the songs!!! ^_^

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ヴァイスシュヴァルツ(Weiβ Schwarz) Trading Card Game in SG   Leave a comment

Most visitors to the usual otaku gathering place, Sunshine Plaza would have noticed a card game shop a few doors from KKNM(Kareshi Kanojyo No Mise).

Judging from the stares and gawks from the people passing by the shop, not many of them realise what game it is that the guys are playing.

Well, here is a post for those too shy to step in and find out ^-^

Here’s the shop, main feature is the Weiβ Schwarz TCG which most of the guys here indulge in. Mostly open during Friday evenings and weekends, as most of the guys who tend the shop are still studying during the day.

Most of the cards(trial decks and booster) are available at the counter and the guys playing there or tending the shop are friendly people who can teach you the game upon request. Just approach the counter and ask for anyone who is available to give a tutorial on how to play the game to get started.

Oh, and drinks are available for sale too so there is no need to leave the shop for that, lolx!

A sample of the cards. I’m more inclined towards decks with fewer guys and mostly girls^-^

Some of the patrons and shop owners settling down for a game.

Although most of the guys are only playing WS for now, but according to the owners, there are plans to bring in more card games from the parent company.

More info can be found here:

Site for WS only:

Site for The Card Geeks shop:

Blog from a Malaysian WS player:

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ガンダム – 戦場の絆 available in SG   1 comment

This is great news for all Gundam Fans. Not only have we got a Gundam Fiesta, now we even have the Gundam arcade game – 戦場の絆(Senjyou No Kizuna) here in Singapore!

Official Website:

Location: Bugis Virtualand(8 pods – confirmed) / AMK Hub Arcade(4 pods – confirmed)

It is almost unbelievable that this game actually made it here as the machines itself is HUGE!

You’ll notice the machines as soon as you come down the escalator…

A shot of the entrance to the booth.

The pic above is a sample of the IC cards used for the game. It stores the information from the game and is required if you wish to start playing. 4 of the guys attempted the game today and found that it was easy enough to control, and there were quite a number of translation guides pasted in the arcade to guide the players who can’t read Japanese. Yes, most of the text during the game and electronic consoles are projected in Japanese so it might be a good idea to brush up before heading down ^-^

Bad news though for newer Gundam fans as the game does not feature non-UC(universal century) mechs so most of them are from the RX-78 eras. I believe that the furthest it goes is the 08th MS Team series as the ver for Singapore is not the latest yet. Here’s hoping that new updates are brought in and I can finally see a space battle soon.

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Event: Gundam Fiesta 2009

Venue: Compass Point(Sengkang MRT Stn)

Official Website:

Quite a good event organised by Sheng Tai Toys(Distributor of Gundam Plamo Kits in SG). Kinda explains the Gashapon only feature at the recent toy convention held at Suntec.

Some shots of the event:

Front Poster

Overall Layout

1/1 Gundam Footprint

1/1 Gundam Exhibit

Some interesting stuff on display:

A feature on uniforms worn at the Gundam Hobby Center in Japan

A display of Gundam titles thru the years, complete with movie posters and a kit from each series

One of the two bicycles up for grabs in the lucky draw

One of the kits which has not been released. There were a few previews of un-released kits and some exclusive event items will be sold at the venue over the next 2 weekends.

Also, look out for 川口克己 sensei(otherwise known as 川口名人), producer of many MG Gunpla models. There should be a demo from him on 12th and 13th of Sept on building model kits.

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Hilarious ANA Commercial!   Leave a comment

Here’s an excellent example of a creative overseas advertisement, featuring our dear Singapore Merlion.

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